Sinn, the German maker of overbuilt tool watches and one of our favorite brands here at Worn & Wound, is retiring some classic models from their catalog. According to our friends at WatchBuys, Sinn’s exclusive direct email in North American, they recently received a final shipment from Sinn for some of the references that have been put out to pasture, so we thought weíd offer a heads up to our readers before these watches are gone for good. And they’re moving fast.
So, whatís on the chopping block, and what’s left to get?
The 75X Range

756, 756 Diapal Tegimented, and 757 S UTC.

The 75x range is getting the axe. This is a bit of a bummer for me personally. One of the first ďbigĒ watch purchases I ever made was my 756 chronograph, and it was a major part of my rotation for a long time. Itís a hard-wearing, super-legible pilotís chronograph inspired by cockpit instrumentation, and it perfectly embodies the Sinn ethos.
One of the coolest watches in this range, and it looks to be gone already, is the 756 Diapal Tegimented. Whatís especially unique about this particular model is the*Diapal component,*which means that the watch features an oil-free escapement that helps to increase service intervals because you wonít have to worry about the oil drying up over time. Of course, you also get the Tegimented case here, hardened to 1,200 Vickers, which is five times harder than stainless steel. Other specs include a copper sulphate capsule and an inert gas fill for absorbing any possible moisture that may make its way inside the case, and an anti-magnetic cage.

Still available are a few watches in the 757 range, which is, at its core, built around the same template as the standard 756, but with the addition of a bezel. As of this writing, available variants include the 757 Tegimented on strap and 757 Black Tegimented on strap or bracelet, and the 757 UTC Black Tegimented on strap or bracelet, the latter of which tracks an additional timezone.

T2 B Titanium EZM 15*

On top of their instrumentation-dial timepieces, Sinnís known for their tank-like divers. The T2 B Titanium EZM 15 is one such watch. As the name suggests, this is one of *Sinn’s EZM, or mission timer, watches, which means that it’s purpose-built and tech-packed.*It has a lightweight titanium case, itís rated to a whopping 200 bar, there’s a tegimented bezel, and a copper sulphate capsule for capturing moisture. You’d think with specs like that, this one would be a monster when worn, but at just 41mm wide and 13.3mm thick it’s totally wearable on a number of different wrist sizes.*Still available on both strap and bracelet, the T2 B Titanium is the sort of watch that pulls dive-watch enthusiasts to the brand.

Sinn U1000 EZM 6

Finally, we have another EZM mission timer, the Sinn U1000 EZM 6. This is a diverís chronograph like no other. Not only is it rated to 100 bar, but you can also operate the chrono pushers at that depth without fear of water ingress. This is made possible through a proprietary pusher system specially developed by Sinn. But thatís not all of the Sinn tech inside this watch. Thereís the aforementioned copper sulphate capsule, inert gas sealed inside the case, a proprietary bezel construction, and a modified Valjoux 7750 Sinn has dubbed the cal. SZ-02, which features a redesigned minute register that counts 60 minutes instead of the typical 30.*At 44mm across and 18mm thick, this one isn’t as*democratic as the EZM 15 (I would not be able to handle that height personally).*Nevertheless, there’s nothing quite like it on the market.
So, there you have it. If any of these were on your 2020 wishlist, then be sure to jump on these quick before they hit the horological great beyond.

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