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Thread: Thank you Fuzzy B!!!

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    Thank you Fuzzy B!!!

    How can one be part of a better community than IWL? Today I received a package from Ambler, PA, and of course I got the requisite, "you bought another watch" from my darling bride. I knew what they were so we had an interesting conversation that went something like this;

    "Well no, I didn't BUY another watch, this great guy, Brian, at IWL, had a contest for a giveaway and he took pity on me because I'm not funny, and he sent me these great watches. Aren't they cool?"

    "You're not fooling me mister, they look brand new."

    "I know, right, isn't Brian awesome for doing this?"

    "Oh, so you and Brian got together and bought them....right?"

    "No, really, he just gave them to me."

    "I wasn't born yesterday...nobody just gives things away."

    "Well they do on IWL."

    "What's IWL? Is that the name of the watch you and Brian bought together?"

    "No, it's the watch forum that I love and everyone there is so great, friendly, and they have these contests and giveaways because we all love watches so much!"

    "Well, that sounds cool, but don't give away that black one that you and Brian, that he sent you....I really like that!"

    "OK honey, I love you."

    "I love you too, now why don't you go give away a couple of yours too, you have too many already."

    Brian.....THANK YOU for the beautiful watches! I will wear them with pride....and maybe the bride will wear the Minorva once in a while!

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    And yes, the Minorva looks a little weird on my wrist because the strap is so new, it has yet to bend around my wrist. I'll fix that tonight with some saddle soap and a glass! It's so cool the way the hours jump on this too!
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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    cool I wonder what it will be for me went mystery

    nice choices and nice thread
    just my usually playing duke nukem while burning the dinner

    " Hell to the Chief"
    Blanchy Talks Watches

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    1st arrival - Cool
    Some people have opinions - The rest of us have taste.

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    I'm glad they arrived safe and sound! Hopefully the others will start trickling in now that I got my shipping issues figured out.

    I may have to start telling my wife that all deliveries are from giveaways. (Technically they are since I give someone money and they give me a watch.) She's gotten to the point that if I receive a package that isn't a watch she's surprised.

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    IWL rocks!!!

    "Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of travelling." Margaret Lee Runbeck.

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    Another example of why I love the tight-knit community that is IWL.

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    .... and here was I thinking I'd have to wait a few more weeks to get mine....
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    .... and inside we have....
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    A quick set of time & date:
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    .... and we're good to go:
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    I'm only borrowing it; a certain little lady has her eye on "The one with the wavy lines and the lightning"

    I'll have to wait to see how the strap works on the LLD..... Not going to get chance to fit it tonight..... might bring it in to work tomorrow to fit it

    HUGE thanks to Brian for the giveaways
    Some people have opinions - The rest of us have taste.

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