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Thread: The Broad Arrow - Impressions

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    The Broad Arrow - Impressions

    Part 1

    This is the first time I try to write something more than a telegraphic text and there's a reason for that: English is not my first language and I don't have the right to mistreat it.

    Please forgive me possible grammatical and semantic unacceptable errors.

    However, I felt the need to share some of my impressions on my newest acquisition: the Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow 1957 "reissue" (3594.50 steel on steel or 3894.50 on strap). Why? Because I usually don't go over the top praising the virtues of a certain model/brand, I don't have a grail – never did – and there's no watch I have to get with such intensity that it would seem my life depends on it. And I'm not a fan boy of any brand: I'm just your regular critic/cynical creature, I suppose.

    So, why now? The fact is: I'm really, really impressed by this particular Omega. This model, produced (roughly) 1997-2003, was called a "Replica" by Omega, but you all understand how unfortunate that designation usually is. Still: a"replica" of what? As the name implies, it was – almost - a revival of an older model launched in 1957. This model (CK2915) had a smaller 39mm case without the crown and pushers protectors - seen on the current Moonwatch - and used the cal.321 so, not exactly an updated copy.

    The re-creation has the same (42mm) case as the Moonwatch (3570.50) while the caseback is engraved with the Seahorse and Speedmaster wording; no talk about the Moon; simple as the original. And again, the movement is the 1861 the exact same movement that currently runs the Moonwatch. The differences are mainly of a aesthetic/cosmetic nature: stainless steel bezel, broad arrow hands and the pre-Professional dial with applied Omega logo and free from the"Professional" inscription.

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    Broad Arrow vs Moonwatch

    It was available on a brown leather or on a steel bracelet. This, at first, was an older model that taped a bit to the end and had the clasp without push buttons. The bracelet was later replaced for the newer – identical - bracelet of the 3570.50. Actually, I find the older bracelet – despite the inconvenience of the primitive clasp – more elegant.

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    Broad Arrow caseback

    Using a tried and tested movement in a well-known case, no nasty surprises were expected but they showed up in the first batches (later solved): something didn't go right with the hands plated process. I asked my watchmaker to let me photograph a pair he had replaced (sorry, but I didn't have my macro lenses with me) and I think you can see the white spots on the hour hand. Later batches were free from this problem, but if you are after one of these watches, please, don't forget to observe the hands carefully.

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    Of course they can be replaced, but that means further expense.
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    Part 2

    On a daily basis:
    Being so similar to the Moonwatch I was quite surprised to realize how differently it reacted to the combos usually taken for granted with the 3570.50. I don't think it feels that great on the metal bracelet; perhaps the continuity steel bezel/steel bracelet is too much of a good thing.

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    The black bezel of the Moonwatch works –visually – better with the bracelet. But somehow, the Broad Arrow is much more appealing on a Nato or on a vintage leather.

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    Broad Arrow on Nato

    Overall,the watch has a more classy look, with the shiny logo and the reflective hands, than his brother, more technical and a bit more plebeian. The Moonwatch still has the edge when it comes to legibility, but not by far.

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    Broad Arrow on vintage leather

    I'm really impressed with this watch: it didn't go to the Moon; there's no fancy stories to embellish its character; it's probably out of every "must have list"and still, I'm beginning to question the 3570.50 as my favourite Speedmaster and this coming from someone crazy enough to own seven different models!

    Hope this text was legible enough…...and, at least, vaguely useful for the newer WIS.

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    I've never been into Omega's that much , but you're making me more interested in this model, looks awesome on leather

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriously View Post

    I've never been into Omega's that much , but you're making me more interested in this model, looks awesome on leather
    Thank you, Seriously!

    This is a really interesting model. Better get one, before it comes trendy...

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    Although my first search revealed a very nice white dial version ........

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    Simply a gorgeous piece, C! The perfect Speedmaster, if you ask me. I've never been a fan of both hour and minute Arrow hands like used on the PO, but really like it the way it's done here or on the Aqua Terra and new Seamaster 300. I also really like the SS bezel. Of course, the Moon watch is also very nice, but the Broad Arrow brings something more elegant to what was a tool watch in former times.

    Like I said before, it's another superb addition to your already impressive Omega collection!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for the heads up on the hands of the fist edition. Certainly a good thing to know...

    It's a very versatile watch and love it on the Nato you posted today. Dressed up or down, it's the perfect chameleon watch and fits almost all situation IMO.

    Enjoy, my friend!
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    Thank you for this history of the Broad Arrow, C. The comparison you develop between it and the Speedy Pro is extremely informative. I agree that the Broad Arrow looks terrific on the NATO and on vintage leather. This watch is both classy and sporty. I wish they made it about 8 mm smaller! Thanks for taking the time to write this review.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriously View Post
    Although my first search revealed a very nice white dial version ........
    I have that model (ref.:3851.20.12)

    Name:  OMEGA_SBA23b.JPG
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    It's not the same watch. It's an automatic chronometer (Omega cal. 3303, F. Piguet based) and has a date @ 6.
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    The black strap really makes that model so much more attractive than the bracelet - never seen it on one before. Thanks fro the decorating tip.
    Nice review - and your english is better than my......anything.

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    brilliant review C - should wear mine more often than i do -interested in the sizes show mine in relation to 40mm tudor - this older 3303 weighs in at 44.25mm[ biggest non plastic watch i have ]Name:  3x copy.jpg
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