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Thread: Apple Watch outsells entire Swiss watch industry

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    A 13% decline in unit sales is the bigger story IMO. Of course, this doesn’t include the Japanese and German companies. It would be interesting to see if the low end Seiko market is declining, it’s those kinds of watches I’d expect to be cannibalized the most by Apple watches.

    I would also think that sales dollars (or pick your currency) of the Swiss sales far exceed Apple, since the average sales price must be significantly higher.

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    Harumph, not a watch, mutter mutter, wrist-worn device mutter mutter...

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    Not to be a nitpicker, but that's units shipped, not units sold. That is a different animal altogether. What I would really be interested in knowing is the number actually sold and for what average price. I am pretty certain Apple with their slavish Apple Core fanbase would still be outfront by a fair margin, but I also suspect the numbers of both would be quite different.

    I also agree with Mlcor about the lower priced quartz and mechanicals being hurt more than the mid tier and up Swiss watches.
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    i see no use for a device on the wrist that informs you about the device in your pocket, but that's just me cos i don't have a phone. I see them all over the place tough

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    This makes the saying "I don't need a watch because I can check the time from my smartphone" even better.

    I don't need a smartwatch because I have a smartphone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlcor View Post
    A 13% decline in unit sales is the bigger story IMO.
    That's because anybody who wants a Rolex can't get one

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    Quote Originally Posted by I-B View Post
    i i don't have a phone
    Sorry what?
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    Apple Watch outsells entire Swiss watch industry

    Few things. For about three generation now there is a model that requires no phone. So if you need it that way there is no need to have a phone. I think it's very well established I love mechanical watch, yet I have a teathered apple watch. I did replace my older one when it failed, so I see value in it. I use it when I run so I can have my phone someplace that I don't need to see it. I also use it to protect my phone when working around the house. I leave it on the table and go do my thing.

    Last I think apple has people who would never wear a watch wearing a watch. They might just opt for something better down the road. So it may actually sell a few mechanical watches.

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    Let’s hope they never make a round one.

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