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Thread: Reverse Quartz Crisis

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    Reverse Quartz Crisis

    Reverse Quartz crisis for Swiss. I'm not certain since quartz seems to be more common for ladies watches including GO and FP Journe. This does not seem to be the case for Japan? G-Shocks are more popular than ever. Grand Seiko has released sold out quartz editions. Swatch not so much.
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    Tell everyone you saw it on IWL!

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    Interesting. Is that Massena from TZ or am I missing it all together?

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    This ties nicely to the "Apple Watch outsells the Swiss" thread. I think it's further evidence that the low end mechanicals and "plain old" quartz watches (as opposed to high end models of both categories) are most at risk to go away, at least in markets where people can afford Apple Watches.

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    Interesting... I think my next watch is going to be quartz - Citizen (even though I'm not really a quartz fan, I'm intrigued by Eco Drive).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan R View Post
    Interesting. Is that Massena from TZ or am I missing it all together?
    Yes that's Massena.


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