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Thread: G-P vintage pair

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    G-P vintage pair

    As promised - a comparison of two Girard Perregaux vintage watches. On the left a 1947 Christmas gift to W.S. from H.T.D. (whoever they are). Needs a COA before it goes on my wrist - but the amazing thing is that the original GF expansion band fits my puny left wrist perfectly. Good thing, too - because I have no clue how to resize it.
    On the right, the watch I wore today - late '60s Gyromatic in perfect shape. The 1947 is manual wind; the Gyromatic is, well, Automatic, and on a nice quality lizard strap.

    Neither is particularly fashionable today, but the Gyromatic is certainly acceptable for evening wear. Both actual work reasonably on a small guy like me (rDenney could wear the 1947 version on his left pinky). The 1947 is, I think, an excellent example of what was being worn at the time, and as such makes a fine "birth-year" watch for me. I suspect it will get some wrist time once a year, once it is cleaned and cleared for service. The Gryomatic punches the "square face" ticket, but only halfway - it's a round watch/dial embedded in a square cushion - only part of the way along the trend to "TV dials" and frank "square" dials.

    The 1947 is definitely "not easy" to wind - which would become tiresome if worn daily. The Gyromatic has a half-fast date set (back and forth between 08:00 and 12:00) and is otherwise relatively easy to wind and set.

    All in all, nice peripheral pieces in my collection. The 1947 came first (as a "birth year" watch) and the Gyromatic was acquired essentially as a companion to it. I also liked the high-beat feature (HF).G-P isn't really a major interest - but, on balance, I like the pair. And...they were relatively inexpensive.

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    You could wear the Gyromatic. It's clearly a dressier watch, to be worn with a suit, but it's wearable. Clean and service that sucker and wear it proudly!

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    Both are beautiful! "Fashionable" is what you make it; to me, these classic watches never go out of style.

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    I would disagree that they aren't fashionable as that Gyromatic is pretty funky.
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    Yes, well - *I* think they are very nice, but they are not exactly what I see "around town". Both are going into the service queue, and then into the standard rotation.

    They are both a bit on the small size - but that works, for me.
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    Very retro cool, both of them. Enjoy!
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