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Thread: WRUW - Friday - 14 February 2020

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    Good assist by the watch during the Valentines Day panic: forgotten dried flowers spotted on the mezzanine. Thanks 44gs and kirazuri.

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    Well, this would probably fit the random watch thread better but I have more fun posting these here. Not even a blur of my travel Citizen but somewhat of a treat, I hope.

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    Dunno if I really hadn't seen it before or it was just my goldfish memory, but my style or not, I really liked this one. One downside: acrylic crystal.

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    Took an opportunity to handle this Nomos Club but it didn't overwhelm me overall. One think that did was the sound and feel of its winding mechanism.

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    Not for me because of the size and style, but I did appreciate the beauty and again, the winding mechanism.

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    Never been into Panerai, and I'm still not, but this 38mm wore nicely, size-wise (although the attendant lady insisted it was too small ). Might be an option someday.

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    I could even get away with 42mm but nah, it's not me.

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    Mark XVIII, tried it on for size reference and while the 40mm was alright, the case turned out to be uncomfortably flat.

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    Nice, but not me.

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    I basically tried it on out of courtesy. I always remembered there was a German brand starting with A, whose product and service quality was rather bashed, and Aristo would always take the beating in my mind until I remembered it was Askania. That said, there's apparently a museum under the boutique, so I might visit again.

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    I'd never wear this but it was difficult to let it out of my hands. Probably because I know what it is, I wouldn't be surprised if a regular person took it for plexi glass.

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    I like it more than Mark XVIII but still less than my Stoic.
    I don't have pet peeves, I have major psychotic f***ing hatreds. GC

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    G-Shock: GW-7900-1ER & GW3000B-1A
    Rolex: Submariner 14060M
    Accurist: 1961 Shockmaster (Gold) & 1965 Shockmaster (Steel)
    Omega: Speedmaster Professional 3570.50.00
    Meistersinger: Perigraph AM1002
    Ben Sherman: S489.OOBS
    Rotary: 1990 Quartz (Gold)
    Steinhart: GMT Ocean One 39mm
    Vostok: Komandirskie 650547

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    A bit of colour in the metal makes me smile every time I put this on (which to be honest isnt very often!)

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    Sporting the new Roue today....digging it at 40mm, well contoured to the wrist and a decent strap.

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    Rare thing for me... I took a new photo!

    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    The pessimist says it can't get any worse while the optimist says it can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by breadman3 View Post
    62MAS reimagined >>

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    That is a great look.
    The pessimist says it can't get any worse while the optimist says it can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodia77 View Post
    Well, this would probably fit the random watch thread better but I have more fun posting these here
    Thanks for sharing, R!
    Looks like you had a cool trying on time
    And its interesting to see watches like the Askania that dont make it to these shores

    Which was your fave?
    Any new purchasing plans hatched?
    It's the final countdown! PM me before they're all gone!

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