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Thread: WRUW - Friday - 14 February 2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by OhDark30 View Post
    Thanks for sharing, R!
    Looks like you had a cool trying on time
    And it’s interesting to see watches like the Askania that don’t make it to these shores

    Which was your fave?
    Any new purchasing plans hatched?
    I might want to go for a perfect Rolex collection:

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    Oh wait, I have it.

    When an (Rolex?) attendant saw me taking the pic, he came over and very politely noted that they have more Rolex upstairs. Yup, they did:

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    TBF, there was a handful of pieces more scattered around the displays but you get the picture.

    I had a look at Cartier and figured they all are pretty much jewellery and Santos would be the only one I could consider at this point.

    BTW, a shoutout to Wempe, great shopping (well, eying, more like) experience and atmosphere.

    Also enjoyed my time at Hublot. The Unico Sapphire is something I wanted to check out back in 2018 but they didn't have it yet back then in Budapest. How smoothly the flyback chrono movement was working was amazing, too. I also had a look at IIRC a Big Bang of 'magic gold', a mix of gold and ceramic. While their form-factors are not for me, I do admire how they're pushing the tech.

    Fave, I think this Junghans was a happy discovery and comfortably in my fave price range. Every time I visit those higher end boutiques I'm confirming with myself that I simply have no interest in buying/owning crazily expensive watches.

    Plans, no more watches at all. Ever.
    I'm sorted and so not buying any more watches.

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    Sounds like a productive and enjoyable time all round
    Cool to try on the crystal Hublot, and Ive set a timer for when you announce that incoming Junghans

    Quote Originally Posted by rodia77 View Post
    ..Plans, no more watches at all. Ever.
    Yeah, right
    It's the final countdown! PM me before they're all gone!

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    Selection at Miami Design District AD yesterday.

    Sent from Maxwell Smart's shoe.

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