An article about maison Celadon was posted on a Swiss website.

Some translated quotes from Ben's facebook page

"so far the Chinese watches, sometimes friendly were so far not ready to tickle Swiss-German watches... Until Celadon"
"All this is put into perspective since good watch communication is never the rocket that carries the explosive charge. And at this level the Celadon Imperial is a thermo-barrel bomb."
"and they are right, [Celadon] have already mastered better digital communication that most Swiss houses"
"Chinese in taste and with a quality approach, this is the beginning of a parade of Chinese [watches] on the rue du Rhône ...
All this is only fair: the Chinese were pioneers in the measurement of time 3500 years ago when they determined that the year had 365 days ¼ (it took 30 centuries: in 1582 for Pope Gregory XIII to specify that the year is 365.2425 days)."
"In finishing, Celadon raises painful questions of industrial margins, the meaning of Swiss Made, the handmade and the transmission of know-how. I'll come back regularly during the second half of 2015."
One thing we'll add regarding the comments on the SB18 movement finishing, is that the photos show the movements in the Beihai rather than the Celadon Imperial, which has two extra layers of QC and uses a superior grade of the SB18 (the same ones normally used in Beijing's 20,000 dollar solid gold watches). As we've happily reported before, starting with the Second Series, all Celadon Imperials are now hand-assembled in the Beijing Grand Complications Atelier, together with double- and triple-axis tourbillons and minute repeater tourbillons, overseen by two of China's five Grandmasters of Horology.
Stylistically, the Second Series also has a significantly improved movement engraving as compared with the First Series.

What I found especially intriguing is the picture they used

and the movement shot, which is actually of my BeiHai: