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Thread: June 2015 Photo Competition

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    Lightbulb June 2015 Photo Competition

    Congratulations to CK1109 for last month's win, and to all the entrants: a superb collection of gloomy pictures were submitted so well done.

    On to June's theme: "Colo(u)r" - the antithesis of last month's grayscale. Extra points to anyone who took a colour photo last month and black and white filtered it if they submit it this month sans filter and wins

    The winner will receive the coveted(?!) photo comp badge:

    and a custom strap of their choice* handmade by our resident strapmaker (Iyonk excluded) CanadianStraps. There was some remaining cash in the coiffeurs after the much appreciated donations my now-not-so-sick brother received last month, so this prize is funded by you guys - good work! Thanks goes to KC (CanadianStraps) too.

    If you already have the badge then well done! We'll sort something out.

    *there's a price limit - you won't get a custom dodo or alligator strap, but some nice leather of your chosen colour/width/length should be doable - the winner can chat to KC about this.

    Usual rules - 1 photo per person, must be watch-related, entries up until the 13th GMT as we're a bit late starting I'm afraid.

    Get snapping!

    is that my watch - Summer Colours

    CFR - This Watch is NOT a Lemon

    Der Amf - Refueling From a Pot of Marmalade

    mikeylacroix - Sexy is a colour, right...?

    whatmeworry - Playtime

    muddy250 - Planet Colour

    Canadian Straps - Fruit Bowl

    Lexvil - Seamaster Sunset

    Nutty28 - Synchronized Diving in Colours

    vinylgreek - Green With Envy

    popoki nui - Transparent Colour

    Seriously - Wired

    Raza - You'll Never Dive Alone

    Churchy - Rainbow

    ck1109 - R-G-B

    Danny_T - Colour me Isofrane

    Colin63 - Andy Wuyihol

    crownpuller - Less Colour is More

    DJW GB - Sunset Seiko 007

    OhDark30 - Come Fly With Me

    pepperami - Shadows of Colour

    meijlinder - Orient Treats

    Strela167 - Earth Tones

    e n n e a - Tricolore

    tempocalypse - Red vs Blue

    shameless - Omega Leaves

    Henry Krinkle - The "worms" crawl in and the "worms" crawl out...

    Vincent Vega - The Worms Play Pinochle on Your Snout

    FuzzyB - Lego My Watch

    JAGtime - Swatch in Bloom

    Matt - 1963

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    well has I double my score of last months one if I dig my slr out and get a card for it I might be in with a chance pity this was not next months one as my roses would be in full bloom by then

    Name:  pic_comp.jpg
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    will go with this for the minute
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    one night I dreamed I was locked in my fathers watch, with Ptolemy and twenty one ruby stars mounted on spheres and the primum mobile coiled and gleaming to the end of space and the notched spheres eating each other's rinds to the last tooth of time and the case closed - John Ciardi ...

    Russian Watches

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    Shall we start? Good luck everyone!

    This watch is NOT a lemon... Actually, I'm wearing this GMT today

    Name:  Rolex_GMT_Color.jpg
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    refuelling from a pot of Marmalade

    edit: that looks so much more vibrant on my phone's screen than on my laptop.... both Samsung
    Last edited by Der Amf; Jun 3, 2015 at 01:54 PM.

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    sexy is a color right...?
    Last edited by mikeylacroix; Jun 3, 2015 at 12:24 PM.

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    so blue...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeylacroix View Post
    Great shot, Mikey!

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    IMG_1664.JPG by Olly Clarke, on Flickr

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    Just one pic, Mikey!
    Follow IWL on instagram!

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    Nov 2014
    KL, Malaysia
    Quote Originally Posted by geoffbot View Post
    Just one pic, Mikey!
    but but..

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