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Thread: WRUW - Tuesday - 16 June 2015

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    WRUW - Tuesday - 16 June 2015

    Good morning.

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    Have a nice day.

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    Birth year (1970) Timex/Ingersoll Mickey Mouse on newly delivered red NATO by Ague Trading Co. Wearing an American made watch for the US v. Nigeria game.


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    Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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    I was gonna wear my Rolex today, but forgot a small detail.. that i don't have one..

    Have a great day everybody!

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    Sumpin' a bit funky and fun - Raketa Kopernik vintage '70s

    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    Nice casual day coming up
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    Back to the broad arrow for speedy Tuesday.

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    Seiko SARB035 again today, with my current reading material, the excellent Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway

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    Recently restored NCC505.
    If the supply of ETA movement parts affects you please complete this survey:

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