Timex is a brand with very deep archives, so itís not surprising that given the trends of the industry today, Timex has been pulling from those archives for inspiration ó and doing so with quite a bit of success. One of their biggest success stories has been, without a doubt, the Q Timex, and for 2020, they’re expanding the line with an assortment of new (but familiar) color ways.
Now, I’m not going to get into nitty gritty of the Q here. For my full thoughts on the watch, be sure to read my review from 2019*Instead, I’ll offer a cursory overview of what’s to come from Timex and the Q.
Three new (but familiar) color ways of the Q Timex.

2020 will see a whole bunch of fantastic color ways for the Q, three of which you can preview above. There’s a white dialed variant with a black/red bezel, an obvious nod to the*infamous white-dialed Rolex GMT-Master Reference 6542 “Albino.” Then we have a blue dialed version with a blue/orange bezel, a classic dive-watch color scheme that you’ve certainly seen from the likes of Bulova, Squale, Omega, and many more. And finally, there’s a black dial with a green/black bezel, which isn’t entirely referential, but I’d argue is certainly playing up the popularity of green divers like the “Kermit” and “Hulk.”

Other than a few aesthetic changes, the watch remains the Q you know and love, which includes that oh-so-convenient battery hatch on the back end.*These are expected to hit Timex’s online shop sometime next month. Until then, you can sign up to be notified of their release on Timex’s website*here.

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