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Thread: Travel Watches

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    Travel Watches

    Can't remember if this thread has been done before so apologies in advance.

    I'm off to Florida for a family vacation and got to thinking that I always take the same two watches with me whenever I travel. Cruise, Colorado, Honduras, float trips, these watches are always there. I sometimes take a third depending upon the dress code. As is always the case, I'm traveling with Orient Mako with a coupla straps and the Ironman. I'm also taking the Gavox for when something more sophisticated and elegant is needed.

    Name:  Mako blk.jpg
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    Name:  Gavox.jpg
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    So who else has designated travel buddies?

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    It depends. Guess they change a bit, but lately, I usually take one - and only one - with me. Those have been my latest choices:

    Name:  Fortis_B42_GMT12.JPG
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    Name:  Longines_Hydro21.jpg
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    Name:  Rolex_ExplorerII40.jpg
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    G-Shock is all I take. Easy to replace if stolen.
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    I used to wear whatever I would have been wearing were I not going away. These days, having realised that my watches are probably safer with me than in an empty house, I take the five I would least like to lose. My travel is mostly restricted to our own apartment in Krakow, however.

    I can see why people might not want to leave expensive watches in hotel rooms, but otherwise I've never quite understood why people think that where they're going is necessarily less safe than where they live.

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    I travel with two; the Damasko for the plane and casual wear, and the JLC for business. The Damasko is tough and has the 12 hour bezel. The JLC has the elegant arrangement of the second hour hand (hidden unless/until needed) for home time.
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    I get a pathetic pleasure from pictures of cool watches in cool places. So many of my watches get a run out. However, looking at all my old pictures, it's clear that the Omega SMP is, quite unintentionally, the winner by far.

    Mind you, the Omlex has got around a bit too!

    As has the Speedmaster

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    I take whatever strikes my fancy. About a month ago, I took my GS and my friend's Revue Thommen.

    I remember taking my '64 Constellation and my Planet Ocean Skyfall on another trip. I met up with mleok during those travels, too.

    And then there was a time when I decided it was chrono madness. One of my Balls decided it needed to come along as well.

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    These 3 have been my travel watches... even though the screwback square G-shock has been my main one.
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    When I go on tour I take a watch I bought specially for beating up on the road with gear and gigs, great lume and low cost, no worry, that's the Citizen BM6400. Currently I am traveling to attend my nephew's wedding, so I have something a bit dressier - Oris Complication. Still nothing too fancy.

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    It depends on where I'm going, and what I'll be doing when I get there, but almost always includes a sports watch (usually this):
    Name:  THCB heli1.jpg
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    One dress watch (usually this):
    Name:  Oyster 1002 1 copy.jpg
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    OR an LED dress watch (usually this one):
    Name:  Pulsar dress1 copy.jpg
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    And a "disposable" watch, in case I wind up in the hospital or something. That's usually a G-Shock or Swatch. In addition, I almost never travel without my WS4, which comes in handy in all sorts of ways:
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