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Thread: **** desert Shield wostok / cadet desert shield/desert storm ****

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    **** desert Shield wostok / cadet desert shield/desert storm ****

    Well I had seen the desert storm vostok / wostok seen it called both a couple of years back and thought I am having them.

    I know meranom does a new cadet for like 35 plus post not sure if they do the vostok as well but I don't think they do have only seen the cadet but I wanted the original 90's ones.

    well six months ago I picked up a vostok but the blance wheel is shot does not hold the charge but the case and dial and hands are very fair
    and it had the older case or am lead to believe older pillow case design not the 92x case design I think it is ?.

    well I have today managed to get the set which am hoping is the originals

    Name:  PICT0001.jpg
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    Name:  PICT0008.jpg
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    Name:  PICT0012.jpg
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    well have not got the orginal article but a photostat of it I have which tells you all about them

    Name:  Wostokarticle1_zpsccb21e0b.jpg
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    Name:  Wostokarticle2.jpg
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    so not a grail but nice to finish something you started is it not so any one else have the new one's or the old one's

    Name:  PICT0013.jpg
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    Cool mate.

    There are a few D.S. versions, prefer the 2 o'clock myself.

    My own could be a spanner in the works in years to come.
    The works fitted for me an original dial (no B btw) into a new 710/compass bezel, at the time not the new bezels or paddle hands.

    With such a busy dial not the easiest to read imo.

    Cheers on your stunner. Looks to be in pretty good nick.

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