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Thread: A few months with a Moser - Mini Review

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    A few months with a Moser - Mini Review

    Can there be such a thing as too perfect? I don't know if I will answer that here, but I will try to talk around it a bit. I cannot express how amazing the face the H. Moser and Cie Flunk Blue Black presents to the world. When I look at pictures, they look more like high-resolution computer renderings than photos. They seem to have a perfect animated element to them. The black near chrome level reflectivity of the indexes and hands play to the ever-changing qualities of the blue Flume dial. The indexes look to more float above the dial than on it. Depending on the light, the black is sometimes nearly chromed silver in appearance.

    The Moser is a surprisingly heavy watch until you consider the very robust SS case, which is DLC coated and the massive domed crystal on the top. The carvings into the side of the case make for one of the more interesting profiles in the watch world. On the rubber strap, it is very comfortable and fits well with the other black elements. Moser has made the buckle tuck in around the strap and somehow made the lowest profile buckle I've experienced. After the nightmare binding and jamming of the Omega SMP buckles and straps, the perfection in the function of this one shows the care taken.

    Most of my watches run a bit slow, where the Moser is a bit fast at about +2 sec per day. I keep the bulk of my collection on winders, and here is one area where the Moser does not work so well. My new winders set the watch at a 45-degree angle from vertical. The counterweight on the rotor must be massive in weight, and it does not seem to work at this angle. On the wrist, there are no issues, and I believe if the winder sat at a 90-degree vertical, it would be fine. No other watch I have has trouble keeping a charge on these winders. Because the Moser has no date, I treat it more like a hand-wind off the winder.

    While this watch is dressy in a way, I don't see it that way. This is part of the appeal to me, and it fits with my t-shirt, shorts, and sneaker daily attire. I wear this, which I would not see that being the case for something like an APRO.

    At a recent GTG down here, I took several pieces from my collection to the event. Most in this group have taste in watches that differ from mine except one person. He and I have a nearly identical taste in watches, though different brands. When he saw the Moser, he said: "Never sell this one." I think I have to agree. My collection has got to the point of refinement to my specific likes that I have eleven watches that I could not see considering something to replace them. At the moment, the Moser sits on top of this group.

    Some quick specs:

    Width: 43mm
    Height: 13.5mm
    Lug Width: 21mm
    Lug-to-Lug: 49mm
    Weight: 112gr

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    Tell everyone you saw it on IWL!

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    Although too big for me personally, it is inarguably beautiful. I get a kick out of how much you like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlcor View Post
    Although too big for me personally, it is inarguably beautiful. I get a kick out of how much you like it.

    Exactly this.

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    I'd wear that.

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    Moser has been playing the role of "enfant terrible" in face of a very conservative Swiss watch industry. Keeping some traditional elements but daring to go further, nobody disputes their technical and design capabilities. Your piece is a good example of this fine mix.

    Thanks for the review, Michael.
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