Iím not sure whether or not you folks have been absolutely loving all the Seiko content over the past few days (I think Iíve posted around 15 new models including these) or itís been boring you to tears?

Either way, hereíre the last two new Prospex refs. for your delectation; a couple of Save the Ocean watches no less. Yes, save the ocean Japan, by all means but please stop eating all the f#@k!ng whales. I digress.

These two new Save the Ocean models pay homage to the majestic gentle giant of the ocean, the Manta Ray whose wingspan can reach 20 or more feet across and can weigh as much as 3,000 pounds!

There will probably be two or three other Save the Ocean Manta Ray watches such as a Solar Chrono but for the moment hereís the Turtle JP ref. SBDY063 and the Samurai JP ref. SBDY065.

Here are the Save the Ocean GREAT WHITE Special Edition watches.

Both Manta Ray watches are Limited Editions (not sure of how man. SBDY063, the Turtle Manta Ray is powered by a 4R36 auto and has a Japanese MSRP of 70,000 JPY+TAX.

SBDY065, the Samuari Manta Ray is powered by a 4R35 auto and has a Japanese MSRP of 71,000 JPY+TAX. Both watches have Sapphire crystals.