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Thread: The (second) 7900B that started Casio's QC issue.

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    The (second) 7900B that started Casio's QC issue.

    Years back (over there), I posted a 7900 with the rivets that fell out (gift to my BIL). It was apparently the start of a long debate about the QC at Casio. I returned it to Nordstrom and got another. Sure as a bear farts in the woods, the rivets fell out of the second watch. My BIL refused to make it an issue. Well, it bothered me. So yesterday I have him a replacement. Early birthday present. Got a Rangeman. Here is the 7900, years later. I'll find a way to torture it.

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    There is a different understanding of Quality in the industry and the common sense.

    In industry the Quality is basicly measured in the percentage of watches that are according to spec at the end of production line.
    Since your watches were exactly as designed and specified there is no understanding in a Quality depts mind what Problems you are talking about!

    The bezel of the atomic 7900 with the metal rivets is a bad design (but perfectly build to spec by Casio production line).
    Ironically the plastic rivets in the cheaper G-7900 models are not that prone to fall out.
    So Casio wanted to upgrade the Looks and "feeled Quality" of the watch and make the matters worse.

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    I know those lost rivet doesnt compromise the performance of the watch, but still it is aesthetically bother me..

    one of the reason i prefer simple sqare G since it is so simple that less things can go wrong =)

    oh, and also, since i cleans my G regularly, it seem only square that is the easiest to disassemble the resin bezel and straps for cleaning (beside GW5000 that people report that the screws seem to have some sort of locktite)... the DW9052 or 2310 or mudman and so on was far more complex or hard to crank the bezel out for cleaning...

    btw, would you be able to restore the look of that 7900 by ordering new bezel and straps from pacparts? and woud the the new bezel come with the metal rivets or you have to purchase the rivets separately?

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    I remember this post from the other place. I have a positive face GW 7900 used as a beater for working on bikes, the beach, etc, I've swapped between the stainless and plastic rivets a couple of times, currently running stainless. If they ever fall out I'll post here, but so far, so good. Mine doesn't look as beat up as yours though and I don't hot tub (I remember hot tubbing being mentioned before). The only cosmetic damage so far is scratches on the glass from fitting bicycle gear cables...

    Iyonk, the bezel and rivets are bought separately, you can buy stainless or plastic depending on your preference. Plastic rivets probably a better look, they sit flush with the bezel and have a little flange on them that slots into a notch in the bezel.

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