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Thread: <<<<< WRUW - Tue 23 June 2015 >>>>>

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    <<<<< WRUW - Tue 23 June 2015 >>>>>

    I start one today =)

    my mornin' start with surprise gift from mlcor!... it is the fabulous video of VC in a flashdisk!! i'm lucky enough to be added as a giveaway winner! Thank you so much sir!
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    tomorow i'll be out of town for a week for visiting my in laws, so i'm gonna bring this USB for personal entertainment there, what a perfect timing!, he also kind enough to send me a music CD, such an inspiration for musician like me! i'm gonna enjoy it as my vacation music... and from the cover i can see he's a handsome devil 12 years ago! haha...

    also the dilema as we all know is which watch we'll bring right? but this mornin' i enjoy this humble one =)

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    have a great day everybody!!

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    Tudor Tuesday here.
    Shown on the fabulous stand courtesy of our own Mr Watchdaddy1
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    I've decided to take a leaf out of DA's book and choose a watch to wear for work each week (given that I only work 4 days and 1 of those is a casual day that means I only have to wear it for 3). This week's is the newly arrived Bulova, which really is a good work watch, being slim, pretty and accurate, much like a good secretary.

    (ladies of IWL I apologise sincerely for my appalling sexism above)

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    Glashutte Panograph today

    Watch centric instagram: @tempocalypse

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    If the supply of ETA movement parts affects you please complete this survey:

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    UHR gonna love this:

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    Got a package yesterday..

    Been slightly obsessed with vintagey chronos last couple of weeks and have set up way too many ebay notifications. Sent an offer for one item that got accepted and here is my first (have a feeling not last) funky 70s chronograph.

    Dial is marked Astrée Watch which I have found no info about. Liked the gold-plated case and blue dial. Always had a thing for the bi-compax look. The subdials have a nice silvery finish and love the orange chronohands.

    Could probably do with a bit of cleaning, some particles on the dial, but movement (valjoux 7734) looks clean and everything ticks as it should and resets correctly.
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    Good morning.

    This old fellow:

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    but changed the strap

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