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Thread: Hands [free] not!!!!

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    Hands [free] not!!!!

    original[ incomplete ] Omega CK2915 hands yours on the Bay for knockdown price of $7500!!Name:  $_57-1.jpg
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Size:  95.8 KB i suppose if you are missing some on a $50000 watch they might be cheap
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    It may be expensive, but we must take into consideration the considerable amount of work and effort necessary to bend the second chronograph hand...

    P.S.: Even the scenario seems rusty...err... time correct
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    Hope he has two sets. I need two.

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    Mine runs a few milliseconds slow, so I really need the second hand bent ever so slightly the other way.

    Dayum , back to the search.

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    If only the original lume was still intact
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    I was wondering why this joker would waste the time putting these up on eBay at that price, but then I realized if he's that out to lunch on the price then he can't have much common sense.

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    Looking at some of the sales items on eBay makes me glad I was born on earth......
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