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Thread: WRUW - Thursday - 26 March 2020

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    Welcome back, Preston!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Preston View Post
    Life did its thing, marriage, murder and a health crash.

    A high profile friend of mine was brutally murdered, I found his body and became first a suspect and then a witness so the stress of what I witnessed and then the media (book writers, jounalists and film makers) wanting to get at me I had to go low profile for some time. The nature of his death was so awful I ended up being diagnosed with PTSD. The killer got away with it because of the police bungling up the crime scene and poor investigation got him freed. The documentary just finished airing. This turned out to be a bit of a legal battle for me as I didn't want to be involved or included in its filming so that was a bit stressful but I prevailed. If you're curious look up CBC Docs the Oland Murder.

    I was blessed with meeting a magnificent woman and we eventually got married so we spend lots of time with each other, she is so wonderful, I'm very lucky

    Bought a home so lots of renovations, hot tub and pool installation, audio space created in the barn so my favorite hobby of music listening takes up a lot of my spare time and hobby $$.

    My health crashed hard, lost both my important doctors to retirements (family and rheumatologist), the arthritis took a bad turn and put me in bed for awhile until a medication regimen was found, that took about 2 years to sort out, damn arthritis really sucks.

    I still have the same passion for watches but it took a back seat for awhile, I still collect and still find those gems from time to time but I'm not as hard core as I used to be and now with Covidiot zombie apocalypse upon us all these hobbies are coming to a grinding halt "except" for one particular piece that I'm looking for that I gotta have!

    Lots of other things also distract me, my pets especially my awesome little dog and the drives she and I like to go on in the Green Machine or as some of my friends would call it....the snot rocket.

    It's been quite a ride these past few years but it's all settled down now for the most part and the staying inside thing allows some former passions to be reawakened

    Sorry about all the blabber but you asked

    Stay safe!!

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    Nice audio set up? Is that a Lab 100? I'm into the audio thing a bit, not quite to your level, but I have a few vintage tables, Dual 601, Lenco L75, and Empire 398... I thought about getting a Lab 100 at one point, still might if I come across a good deal.

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