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Thread: Check to see if your car ........

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    Wink Check to see if your car ........

    Not sure if this is useful or not, but it is a site that see if your car has ever been caught speeding. I checked my current car, all clear by the looks of it

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    as i have a private plate -if it has it would be myself driving and a positive recent reveal might spoil the weekend i will wait for the letter

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    I really think you should check Shameless, it'll only take a couple of clicks

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    Boy, they're tough in Grossmore Fradon.

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    Haha, my motorbike must have assembled itself and gone for a spin. Then took itself apart again! 73.8 mph!
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    I've never been north of the Watford gap so I don't think that was me officer!
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    Nope. Then again, I've never driven in the UK.

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    The only UK reg I can remember is my old MGBGT which I sold probably 20yrs ago. The number plate is still on the road but can't tell if it is still attached to my car!
    34 mph in a 30 zone at a roundabout on Cliff road wherever that is ?
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    Have not had the pleasure of driving in the UK but sounds like Big Brother is watching.......
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