It goes without saying that we’ve entered strange, confusing and tough times. Everyone on Earth is affected, and it’s very easy to feel quite powerless when faced with something on such a scale. As a small business, we’re watching the current crisis unfold in many different ways, affecting not only people’s health but also their livelihoods. While we always spend our days trying to support businesses through our editorial efforts, today we’re taking a look at brands that don’t make watches, but, like the micro-brands we love, are small, passionate and deserve our attention now more than ever.
Below is a list, a very small list in the scheme of things, of brands and companies that the Worn & Wound team has compiled for you to check out. This hardly scratches the surface of small businesses in need of support right now, so please leave your own recommendations and links in the comments. And, of course, should you feel swayed, make a purchase to help keep them open until things return to normal.
American Giant

American Giant is a US-based design/manufacturer of classic, rugged everyday clothing with a simple mission to make things better than mega-corporations, and to make them responsibly. In response to the Covid-19 crisis, they’ve begun to manufacture HHS-certified medical masks at a rate of 35,000/week to start in one of their garment factories. American Giant

Tactile Turn

Tactile Turn is a Texas-based manufacturer of high-quality pens individually machined out of metals like bronze, titanium and even exotic zirconium (ooh, la la). If you like watches, you probably like other overbuilt, beautifully machined things, so these pens fit the bill. Tactile Turn

Epaulet is an LA-based designer and retailer of bespoke American-made attire. For those looking for a more refined style or MTO goods, Epaulet is a great place to start as their sense of style far outweighs their prices. Currently, they are running a really great project called “Unitos Juntos” which is a preorder for blazers and chinos made out of Japanese Sashiko cloth, of which a significant portion of each garment will be given back to the craftspeople making the clothes in their LA factory in addition to their normal wages.* Epaulet
Doane Paper

People joke about reinventing the wheel, but there are other things we take for granted. Take, for example, the paper we write on. It’s got lines, or maybe it’s got grids, or maybe nothing at all. Doane paper, named after the founder Chad Doane, does the impossible – it mixes lines and grids! The result is perhaps your new favorite notepad. Doane Paper

Georgio’s Coffee

Georgio’s Coffee is Ed Jelley’s local coffee shop. But unlike your typical local shop, they have an incredible selection of hand-chosen beans from around the world, with an eye on sustainability and supporting the farmers who bring us our favorite beans. If you’re like me, your coffee consumption hasn’t slowed down despite being stuck indoors, so why not get some great beans to enjoy? Georgio’s Coffee
Monk Made Goods

We’re big fans of the hand-made leather goods produced by Monk Made Goods out of West Virginia. So much so, we’ve actually made several small collections with them available at the Windup Watch Shop. Jason Boone, the founder and one-man show behind the company, has a remarkable eye for detail and only uses the best materials available. Monk Made Goods
Grantstone Boots

If you’re a regular listener to our podcast, you’ll already be familiar with Grantstone Boots. A very small brand in an industry of very big ones, their boots and shoes punch well above their weight in terms of design, build and execution. While walking outside might not be the first thing on your mind right now, it’s also a great time to break in a new pair of shoes in the comfort of your own home. If you want to elevate your shoe collection, be sure to check these guys out.*Grantstone

James Brand

While we’re on “brands we’ve also interviewed on our podcast” we’d be remiss not to mention the current kings of EDC, James Brand. If you like knives, key clips, pens, and other everyday tools that aren’t watches, James Brand’s mix of modern design cues, and highly considered functional details will make them a go-to. James Brand
White Heron Tea

Ed got his coffee spot, so it’s only fair that Zach K get’s his tea supplier. White Heron Tea is a New Hampshire based tea (and coffee) roaster and wholesaler with a truly insane selection. If you’re into tea this is a no-brainer, if not, now’s the time to get a new hobby. Personally, I’m eager to try their Earl Grey, my non-coffee-caffeine fix of choice. White Heron
Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch makes the clothing you want. It’s kind of that simple. Rugged, handsome, refined, exceptionally detailed. I’d liken them to your favorite micro-brand, whose every watch you want to buy (to that end, they also give discounts on pre-orders). In addition to great clothes, they recently launched a list of small businesses in an effort to support them in these trying times that is reader-generated. Check it out here, and not only might you find a cool new company, but you can suggest some brands of your own. Taylor Stitch

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