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Thread: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

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    What are your plans for the rest of the year?

    So we are halfway through the year. What watch purchases are the like do you have for the rest of the year?

    The 40mm Formerly HMT project incoming
    Vostok Amphibian NVCH-30 reissue
    Vostok Amphibian Steve Zissou (hopefully an early one, from what I can tell this design started in the transition period from USSR to Russia on the dial and were unlabeled)
    Finish a 44mm Luminor homage build (have all the parts or they are incoming, have relumed the dial, need to lume the hands)
    Finish a 45mm aged 3646 build (have all the parts or they are incoming, started reshaping the case, need to paint the dial and aged the crystal)
    Finish a build for my wife (have all the parts, just need to get the lume on the hands to match the dial)
    Finish a 45mm Moljina marriage watch. (have all the parts except hands and crystal, haven't started build)
    Finish an aged B-dial project (have most of the parts, just need crystal and crown, case is aged, need to age crown, case back, dial and hands)
    Finish a 47mm art dial project (need case, crystal and hands, friend is handpainting the dial for me.)
    Service my Olma tank
    Build another watch box
    Continue collecting parts for a couple big builds next year (rivet dial 3646 welded lug homage and an engraved 3646 welded lug homage (this will be my first watch in the 4 digit territory))
    Maybe a Seiko birth year 7A28/7A38/7C43 if I find one from October 1988 that I like at the right price.

    Probably move a couple watches out maybe not sure which ones, probably my 44mm Pilot once I finish the B-dial, maybe one of my 'diriskies and maybe the 40mm HMT project.

    As of right now, I have the same number of watches as what I started the year with. I am sure that won't be the case by the end of the year.
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    I hope to have zero coming in and seven going out, leaving me with six.

    Then I'll see if I can get down to three or four.

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    Nothing watch related apart from wear the ones I've got already.

    Listen very carefully as I will say zis only once.....

    The Ruhla was, and is my last watch purchase of 2015

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    Plans ?....On the watch front - None; but hanging around here, one never knows what's going to grab one's attention
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    One delivery due in August .

    Maybe new straps for a couple .

    Saving money for next year . ......although as I am currently downloading the Wes Anderson back catalogue I do like the idea of the Steve Zissou watch in the OP
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    I want to sit back and enjoy whatever I have acquired. Enough for the year.

    The family has big plans for this and next I better stay focus on what I want and no more impulsive buys.

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    One inexpensive fun micro-brand watch on order, scheduled to arrive in October. Otherwise, nothing. Now, next year, I'll probably be looking at one major purchase...but for the most part, I'm very happy with my collection as it stands, and can't imagine adding many more unless I decide to jettison some pieces. Which I have no current plans to do.

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    Sell everything but a choice few, buy a Weekender 40. Try and find an extra link for my B-1 bracelet.

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    I ordered a Timegrapher (should arrive tomorrow) and a few basic tools and I'll probably get a few more straps, but that's all. No big plans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CFR View Post
    I ordered a Timegrapher (should arrive tomorrow) and a few basic tools and I'll probably get a few more straps, but that's all. No big plans.

    You'll enjoy the Timegrapher; they're fun. Plus at least arguably useful.

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