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Thread: #####WRUW Sunday, July 5, 2015#####

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    #####WRUW Sunday, July 5, 2015#####

    Seiko SKX009


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    Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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    Happy Sunday everybody!!!

    enjoying my affordable seiko 5... the curved lugs and relatively short distance between the lugs for 44mm watch make this one still wearable for my small wrist..
    I have no idea this one is considered a pilot watch or field watch...
    back to leather today..

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    but surely it would share wrist time with its russian comerade =)
    i like this Amphibia with ministry case...

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    Swatch Sistem Blue for a glorious summer day (not)

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    Was up late last night but was pleased to note that the date changed instantly and on the dot at midnight.

    (Pic is from day one though)
    Watch centric instagram: @tempocalypse

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    Another project completed.
    To misquote Joe Strummer, should it stay or should it go?
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    PR100 today

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    Back on the wrist at the moment. After close to 80 hours of sitting on the table in my studio this is running less than 15 seconds slow.

    P6262215 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr

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