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Thread: Incoming... Again!!!!

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    Incoming... Again!!!!

    I was eyeing this watch while I was still in China, and my first thought was that I'll never own one. I guess I was wrong! I let the pics do the talking.

    It's the Hamilton Jazzmaster GMT limited edition 938/999. I walked into Jared a couple a weeks ago and spotted this beauty. I couldn't believe it at first. I sat on it for a while and decided waiting any longer would be risking too much. Where was I going to see another one.

    The watch is beautiful. I love the black and grey with red accents. Its unlike anything else in my collection. The functionality is pretty cool too. The crown on the left side is a screw-down crown and rotates the cities. I believe it's a screw-down crown so the city stays in place after you set it. The watch is actually a GMT, not a world timer. The red index marks the city that the GMT hand measures for. The right crown functions like a normal crown. First click out changes the date when spun counterclockwise and jumps the GMT hand when spun clockwise. Two clicks out changes the time.

    The dial is slightly sunburst, though, it's difficult to see in these photos. Enough talking. Here are some wrist shots.

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    Congrats, that's a good looking Hamilton. Like the pop of the red hand and gmt marker
    Nice addition to the collection

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    nice! Interesting use of the GMT function but drawing inspiration from world timers, definitely a refined look.
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    Really nice watch, Billy. Congratulations! Gray or tan strap options?

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    Congrats. Gorgeous watch...wear it in the best of health and enjoy it..

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    Two very different eras of Hamilton.

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    Nice looking watch not seen that one before.
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    Very classy for a GMT. Like the dark colors.
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    Very nice! Congrats on that. And that city ring is great for a quick check of world time.

    Nice to see Jareds as well. My local Jareds has served me well for many years with nice discounts and great service. They are still an Omega AD, which can come in handy, too.

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    Sweet!!! i like it!, but my problematic eyes would need more time to see the time since the lack of contrast with the hands.. but still... handsome hamilton!

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