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Thread: Buggeration!

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    I just managed to completely trash one of my favourite watches. In the kitchen with hard ceramic tiles, preparing to make a nice cocoa before bed, I attempted to loosen the NATO by a notch as it was feeling a bit tight. Obviously I failed as the next thing I know, I reach up to get milk out of the fridge to see the watch slide open and straight off my wrist and onto the tiles, cracking the crystal. She's running intermittently when shaken, has an odd rattle now and the keyless works feel all wrong. On the one hand, I know it's just a matter of money and time to fix, but that's just not the point right now. I actually feel almost weepy, which is bloody odd given the brutal way I usually treat my watches.

    I'm off to bed, dispirited.

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    Having experienced the pit of despair, and guilt for having broken something precious, I feel for you.

    Give it some time and rational thought. For me, it took about a fortnight. Then save. It'll be OK.

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    Sorry to hear that. I cracked the sapphire bezel of a watch in a similar manner. Definitely sucks.

    But don't sweat it, it's only stuff

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    Poor chap

    I've had a watch depart from my wrist unexpectedly once at work...... just once, in my 20's ..... I picked it up off the hard floor , spotted the damage and threw it to the back of the desk .... so heart breaking

    . . . . . . . . . .

    The sad face and then the dance at the end looks like you're taunting him , which I know you're not.
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    The good news is, it's a mechanical watch, and unless it's super rare, all can be repaired so it's good as new.

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    Every sympathy. That sort of thing can ruin your month...

    If I were a cruel person, I'd ask for pictures.

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    Ouch. The worst damage I've ever done to a watch was the result of a fall. That sinking feeling in your stomach drops faster than the watch.

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    feel sorry for you...

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