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Thread: Nostalgia is a funny thing

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    Nostalgia is a funny thing

    Just arrived today a watch from my school days.
    Casio AE-22W. Twin-Graph II.
    Though it's only 32mm across it stands very large in my memory as a watch I bought for myself rather than it being a present.

    I remember having all 5 of the alarms set.
    Wake, School. Lunch. Home. Dinner. Home (again, from wherever I'd been on my bike.)
    Using the Dual time function on an early family holiday.

    Will I be wearing it? Probably not very often. Though it's unlikely it will get wrecked in a cycle crash like the original one I'd hate for it to be scratched. Memories never wear out but watches can bring them to life.

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    Wow I don't remember that design at all, really nice

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    It's very ummmmmmmmm ...... digital

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    I love it, a charming artefact from another time

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