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Thread: Custom Seiko Super Anvil

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    Custom Seiko Super Anvil

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Size:  96.2 KBI bought SEIKO SKX007 and had it shipped directly to Duarte Mendonca "North East Watch Works" a/k/a "NEWW" or

    NEWW stocks all of the parts and accessories sold by Jake B. a/k/a DAGAZ or 10Watches.

    Here's why I recommend without any reservation NEWW: almost instant replies to all my numerous emails. I'm just like the rest of you guys, somewhat compulsive regarding details, prices, availability, etc. Duarte answered all my questions and usually within the same hour that my message was sent. The work is flawless. I got exactly what I ordered. The original parts were shipped to me with the watch, everything in plastic bubble wrap.

    Downsizing from my daily wearer Boschett Cave Dweller II was noticeable. CDII with heavy ratcheting diver's bracelet is in the semi-beast category with measurable weight, height 16mm and 44-45mm diameter. SEIKO 007 is lighter, lower profile, but still have good solid weight and feel. SEIKO protected crown is a bit tricky to close compared to the larger fully exposed 8mm crown on the CDII. And while the CDII is a bit easier to read from a distance, the SEIKO 007 approaches that difficult define, impossible to reach perfect balance of size and weight. No doubt these attributes and the dive oriented 4 O'clock crown have helped make the 007 a timeless classic.

    I've yet to get any decent pictures. And really this thread was not supposed to be a full review....instead, this thread was intended to be a request for HELP how to adjust Yobokies Super Anvil bracelet ? I have never really been a fan of rubber straps. Just don't fit or conform to my wrist. And the buckles are just not as convenient as opening a clasp and sliding the watch bracelet over the wrist. I always find myself bracing the watch against some object while trying to thread the strap on.

    So, anyway, if any of you have experience adjusting the Yobokies Super Anvil bracelet please let me know. Arrows suggest that the pins push through, but the pins seem to be slotted, and I could not get the pins moving with a punch by hand. Do I need a small hammer or vice ?

    By the way the bracelet is heavy and has a beautiful brushed finish that matches the watch. At $95 included shipping I was hesitant to spend that much ... but glad I did. Now to get it adjusted, on my wrist and on to the photo shoot.
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    Designer: Nick Slater

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    Look's great! and i prefer the look with bracelet..

    congrats with the great lookin mod!

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    Very nice and I like it on the bracelet too.
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