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“Eternal Springs: An Introduction to the World of Mechanical Watches,” is a comprehensive journey into the fascinating world of mechanical timepieces. Readers will delve into the many different facets relating to the art and science of horology through in-depth and concise writing, and also the incorporation of hundreds of original photos which help to fully explain all of the concepts set forth.

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Topics include everything from the earliest origins of timepieces, spanning the history and evolution of the mechanical timepiece, while touching on important watershed moments along the road to the development of the modern wristwatch. This work serves as an excellent "go-to" reference guide for the many people who are entering the world of watch collecting every year, and would benefit from this introductory primer in order to learn the terminology, history and functional details of mechanical timepieces

In addition to the background information, readers who would like more specific details will be able to take advantage of the special supplemental section entitled “The Movement Explored.” This extra material is specifically designed for those who would like to go even deeper into the technical realm of how a watch actually functions. The supplement features a step-by-step guide of a mechanical movement being disassembled and reassembled, with highly-detailed photographs illustrating the procedure every step of the way. Each and every part of the movement is clearly identified and labeled, so that by the time the reader finishes, they will be able to converse on the topic of horological like an expert.

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