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Thread: If you weren't a WIS... what watch would you have?

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    If you weren't a WIS... what watch would you have?

    Geoff's 'The watch that started it all for you' thread and rfortson's on the advice you give people looking for a watch have started me thinking about how I got into this hobby and what the part of me that isn't a horological obsessive values in a watch. This led me to ponder the question of what watch I would have if I wasn't into watches. I've worn one since I was 5 so the idea of not having one is completely foreign to me.

    Having thought about this for a while I've narrowed it down to 2: The Citizen BM8180 and the CWC G10.

    Style: I like military style stuff - the watch I had before I was a WIS was an MTM Blackhawk and it was looking at military watches that led me to the black hole that is watch forums..Both have a military field watch thing going on and the G10 has real heritage.

    Size: I have small wrists - the G10 is 35mm (I think) and the Citizen is 36mm, so both are a good and very comfortable size for me.

    Legibility: I think watches tend to be thought of as either tools or jewellery. For me they've always been tools for telling the time, and both the watches do this brilliantly - super legible dials despite their small size

    Ease of ownership: Both are quartz, so accuracy isn't an issue and maintenance isn't really a concern, the Citizen is Eco Drive so no battery changes are required and the CWC has a battery hatch so any clumsy fool (even me) can change a battery in minutes.

    Durability: Both watches are solid and feel like they could take a knock or 2, both have a crown guard and their small size makes accidents less likely too. The CWC has 50m WR, the Citizen 100m, both of which are fine for my everyday use (and not being a WIS, if I was going swimming I'd take the G10 off!).

    Price: The Citizen is 60, the CWC is 90

    Finish: Neither of these are going to give Rolex a run for their money, but the overall quality and finish of both is very good, certainly enough to impress a non-WIS. Both have steel cases, the CWC has a lovely satin finish, the Citizen brushed lugs with a polished bezel and sides.

    If I had to pick between the 2 (and given that I created the thread I guess I do), I think I'd go for the Citizen, it's cheaper, has better WR and the benefit of Eco Drive (from a maintenance perspective that's great - the watch will last 10-15 years without you ever having to take the back off and compromise the WR). The WIS in me prefers the look and heritage of the CWC, but the Citizen is far more practical.

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    I'd probably have a smartwatch
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    Bit of a tech-geek, but don't find it useful now if not worn all day/every day

    and as a wis can't imagine wearing the same watch all the time

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    Either a Fossil or a Swatch like I had for years before becoming interested in watches.
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    A Swatch. I've worn Swatches pretty much since they came out. They're cheap, fun, and reliable. My first Swatches still run fine 30 years later.

    Here is the second Swatch I ever bought. It needs a new strap, but it still looks and runs great.

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    If I didn't know any better I would probably buy one of these...

    Now I do know better I may buy one of these in the future - but I will now know why....

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatmeworry View Post
    Geoff's 'The watch that started it all for you' thread....
    Same answer as for the above from me:
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    I bought this before I became 'enlightened'. I didn't know anything about its finer points, I just knew I wanted one. I was wearing a 20 Pulsar quartz prior to buying it.
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    I'd probably revert to my Eco Drive days--reasonable quality, worry-free, reliable, versatile enough for work and play. Something like this:

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    If you weren't a WIS... what watch would you have?

    Probably the Poljot Aviator I'd finally found on eBay after lusting after them in 90s flying magazines.

    If I'd not found watch forums, I never would have been aware of the Raketa Jet, old Dirskies, Strelas..Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1436451136.977291.jpg
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    It's the final countdown! PM me before they're all gone!

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    If I wasn't a WIS I'd have a lot more money!

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