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Thread: WRUW - Sunday - 12 July 2015

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    WRUW - Sunday - 12 July 2015

    IWC for Sunday.

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    Have a great day, everyone.
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    Very nice!

    I am going far less dressy for my Sunday
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    Not quite Sunday yet but this is what I'll be wearing.

    Rick "Summer-loving" Denney
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    Those first two, I love. OK, guys, how are you going to top that?

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    Snowflake for some much needed church

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    Quote Originally Posted by watchdaddy1 View Post
    Snowflake for some much needed church

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    OK, never mind, that's a great follow up.

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    Happy Sunday everybody!

    refurbished a 21mm leather for my VSA this mornin'
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    i can not top all those beauties above hehehe... so i just enjoy my low end yesterday project..
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    rather thick leather but design to hug my wrist just with the right curve..
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    lug side since it cut it just right so i can grab it fine but not to long excess tail
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    and also, still keep this scuba dude wound... i still enjoy this Daniel watch a lot! =D
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    hope everybody have a beautiful Sunday..

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    SD grey

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