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Thread: Sausages

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    ^Hey that actually works^

    Me?.... naw , I don't really like them

    This thread may have been initiated under the influence of alcohil.... alcohol

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    Mmmmmm sausages.

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    Will there be penguins? I kid!

    I do like sausage a lot. Of course there are a million kinds. Mexican Chorizo can be very very good (or not). And I've had Kafta (Middle Eastern Sausages) that were to die for. Usually though, I keep pretty simple on this one. I buy Banquet Brown N Serve links. I sometimes buy loose sausage in the roll for making sausage gravy, or to slice into patties, or to crumble and cook. Usually go with Bob Evans, Jimmy Dean or Tennessee Pride, and stick usually to either hot or sage flavored.

    At McDonald's, for breakfast one of my faves is from their value menu, a Sausage McMuffin (it's a buck, add an egg and it's another $1.59, figure that one out!). Comes with cheese too. I prefer their sausage well done, but it's a pain to get it cooked to order.

    We have some of the best Mexican and Middle Eastern foods anywhere in our metropolitan area, large populations of both, so I will occasionally get either Chorizo or Kafata at an ethnic market or a restaurant. Sausage is way more varied than bacon. But it certainly has it's place (on a plate!).
    Regards, T Bone

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    Quote Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
    I prefer their sausage
    I prefer sausage

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    A sausage roll is one of the best snacks (the other being scotch eggs) . I made some once
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    Geoff, cooking them from frozen doesn't count as making them yourself

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    I like deep fried, battered sausages, with chips and plenty of salt and vinegar

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    ^^^^^ A very aptly named user has entered the sausage room

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriously View Post
    ^^^^^ A very aptly named user has entered the sausage room
    Waiting all my life for a sausage tears here..

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    You're a bit of an animal

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