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Thread: Maurice Lacroix Up For Sale

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    Maurice Lacroix Up For Sale

    ...and Swatch said they aren't interested. Sounds like Glycine will find a new owner, too.

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    Interesting - thanks.

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    Dun dun dah...

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    Bargains to be had on amazon, it seems.
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    Thanks, IoL. Interesting...

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    Not surprised


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    How many members do we have? I can throw in $20.

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    Sorry to hear this, I own one ML and like some of their more innovative designs quite a bit. They are bigger than I thought--90,000 units per year is pretty good size. I've always wanted a Square Seconds, but who knows if they will be serviceable if a buyer isn't found...

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    They are great watches. Had this one for a while but a little too dressy for me doesn't get much wrist time. Love the retrograde complication though. At a good discount ML doesn't disappoint.
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    Had this one, sold it when I bought my JLC Master Hometime, but it had wonderful guilloché:

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    Still have this one (although with the Vacheron in the house, it's getting less wrist time than it used to):

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