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Thread: Do you have a theme?

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    Do you have a theme?

    How did you decide? At what point did you decide if you preferred Chronograph watches or Diving watches or whatever you have? Trying to figure out what I'm really into.
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    Yes... my theme is 'Inexpensive'...

    not because of modesty or frugal lifestyle..... i'm just plain broke.

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    What looks appeling to me I buy. I'm n2 a little bit of everything these days,when I 1st started it was all about Dive watches,nowadays it's whatever floats my boat,but still mostly dive watches in my collection & a few dressy pieces & a couple vintages to round it all off

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    I wouldn't call it a theme so much as my tastes. I tend very much towards chronographs (especially historically significant or retro models, hence the Speedmaster, Monaco, and Pan Europ) and dive watches. I've always liked chronographs. Dive watches I got into when I was a bit older. I've noticed, on a practical level, watches that don't have a timing function--chrono or bezel--tend not to star in my rotation. And when it comes to quartz, I prefer quartz watches that do things mechanical watches can't do or are impractical for mechanical watches to do--hence my B-1, Flight Timer, and X-Lander Mil.

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    To avoid, as far as possible, similar looks(it's ok if they belong to the same category - divers, chrono, etc), just different in the looks department. And to be as diverse as possible - brands, shapes, colors, etc....

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    A really large portion of my collection is 1960s -1980s funk, but my modern pieces are less focused, but generally simpler. I guess that is a qualified no.

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    I've tried to diversify. But if I'm honest with myself, my true horological love is the dive watch. I only have two watches in regular rotation right now - a Doxa 1000T and a Tudor Black Bay. Both divers. The next couple watches on my want to buy list - the Tudor Pelagos and the Rolex Sea-Dweller or Submariner. I blame this on my love of the ocean. My love of maritime history. My interesting scuba diving. And my general desire to be in, on, or under the water whenever possible.

    I have a few other watches that I want to buy - the Tudor Ranger is incredibly appealing. So is the Bathys 100 Fathoms. And, of course, the Omega Speedmaster. But I can't imagine a time where at least half my watch collection is dive watches.

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    I think "sporty" would be my dominant theme. Plenty of sports watches in my collection, very few dress pieces. And "retro" would certainly be a co-theme, with all the 60's, 70's, and 80's vintages in my collection. Maybe "Sporty-retro"?

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    Interesting responses all. I really appreciate all the input. I'm just starting to realize I've liked watches most of my life, but had more or less ignored it.
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    Variety and "purpose": styles, brands, movements, sizes...I'm not sure which is #1 and which is #2 at the moment.

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