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Thread: $$$$$ WRUW - TUESDAY - 14 July'15 $$$$$

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    $$$$$ WRUW - TUESDAY - 14 July'15 $$$$$

    Have a great day everybody!

    have a bit spare time this mornin'... so i enjoy the Orient Defender..

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    while cookin' this...

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    i'll update when i'm done with it... i wish i can be like you guys who can just buy commercial hand made suede... but i know it would cost more than the watch it self, so i just try to made one... (yeah, i know what i miss from the nice commercial one =)

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    The reason I put this on today is the same reason it will stay on for Tuesday, so a bit of an early start for me. At least it's new pictures!

    What's this weird foreign substance?

    What is this "rain" you speak of?

    It has actually sprinkled four times in the last three days. It's still the driest quarter in recorded history but what a relief this little bit is! It's even helping battle the forest fires!

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    "can you also take the picture of my hotwheels papi?".... sure my dear.. =)

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    wristshot time..

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    buckle side...

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    i've heard people said that those who can not afford to dine in a nice place are the ones who have to cook themself...

    in this case, yes, i'm the frugal dude that have to cook my self the 'homage' food like the fancy restaurant... one thing for sure... yes, it is very satisfactory indeed =)

    thx for looking guys..

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    Beautiful strap, lyonk!

    I'm celebrating the July 14 fly-by of Pluto by New Horizons with the Citizen Astrodea just because it kinda looks like stars.

    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skywatch View Post
    Beautiful strap, lyonk!
    Thank you so much Robert...

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    Epic start to Tuesday's WRUW thread! There's Iyonk's amazing straps, astronomy, a lovely Omega, and Henry's getting a little rain to help with their awful fire situation.

    Tiki Tuesday for me:
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    Eterna-Matic KonTiki, ca 1970.

    Eterna | Tudor | Seiko | Casio | G-Shock | Orient | Swatch | Mondaine | Zodiac (pre-Fossil) | Rolex | Wenger | Pulsar Time Computer | Omega | Timex | Bucherer | Citizen | Bulova | Glycine

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Size:  127.7 KB great day to you all

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    still, love that dial

    Regards Phil
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