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Thread: New to me Heuer 1163 Autavia

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    New to me Heuer 1163 Autavia

    Not so much a review as I don't know "jack" about Heuers :rimshot:
    but I know we have a few experts here if needed.

    This one is driven by the Cal-11i movement which has a number of improvements over the original Cal-11 and lasted a couple years before the Cal-12 was introduced. It uses a micro-rotor, which some say needs to be have a higher level of motion while wearing....smaller rotor not as efficient as larger ones?? Any experts care to weigh in on this?

    There are a few case variations, too. This one has the "thinner" screw-in caseback, slightly thinner bezel and cutouts for the pushers on the top of the case, as opposed to on the bottom. Raised and domed acrylic/plastic crystal :love:

    macro's are taken with the olloclip 3-in-1 for the iphone

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    Wow. Stunning example of an amazing watch. More than the Carrera and the Monaco even, I understand that that was Heuer's real racing watch.

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    Very nice! Congrats.

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    Great looking watch, and nice photos! I'd like to get a Heuer one day.

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    Saw that on your IG. Absolutely cracking.
    Follow IWL on instagram!

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    People sleep peaceably in their beds @ night ONLY because rough men stand ready to do VIOLENCE
    on their behalf.....



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    Thank you, all

    This one has a good chance of sticking around for more than the usual few months.

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    Great photos - I'll have to get a set of iPhone accessories realSoonNow.
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