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Thread: Watches People Pester You to Sell

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    Watches People Pester You to Sell

    A bit of an odd thread, I know, but it happened again today (for the LeCoultre).

    Much to my surprise, my LeCoultre has long been an object of desire. Over the past few years, I'd guess six or seven users (all on WUS) have asked me if I'm interested in letting it go. Even though I don't post there much anymore, I still get PMs inquiring about it.

    It's on the left, obviously.

    This one has also been hot lately (you know who you are ).

    This watch gets a fair bit of attention, too.

    Anyway, I thought this might be a fun thread. Have at it.

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    The LeCoultre is gorgeous, I can understand the interest. My Bluering used to get lots of unsolicited offers, and when I did finally sell it, it was gone in minutes.

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    More than a few PMs on WUS

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    Multiple inquiries on this one when I owned it....ended up trading it for my GO and it's the only watch I really miss. I'll get another GS some day though...

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    And I had a few inquire on this one, which is also gone, but not forgotten...

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    None of my watches ever got any offer... yeah, my collections are that sub-par...

    got a couple of PM about my straps, but that was about it... so my 'wishful-dream' that Geoff give as inception to my mind to have nice watch on my wrist from strap-making is just a fantasy...

    thankfully people dont usually look at my wrist... my handsome face and desirable posture distract them ... (so far they are polite enough to never ask me 'how much?")

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    When I still had it, my Yellow Zodiac Oceanaire and then the Orsa Sea Viper in Blue also got a fair bit of attention at times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iyonk View Post
    None of my watches ever got any offer... yeah, my collections are that sub-par...........

    Don't feel bad, Iyonk. No one's offered anything on my watches, either.
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    Watches People Pester You to Sell

    Quote Originally Posted by Imitation of Life View Post

    This one has also been hot lately (you know who you are ).

    Man, I love that ball. I have a friend with one just like it but won't... Oh, wait. I smell what you're stepping in.

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    On instagram I get enquiries about a couple of my watches, both of them, not unreasonably, watches I myself acquired by asking the owners to selling them to me

    The other one is now sold; they're both Soviets

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    The only interest in any of mine was when I posted my 'Seawolf' for sale; then I just got inundated with ridiculously low offers accompanied by the most ludicrous of 'reasons' for the low offer.....
    eg: One said "I really wanted a yellow dial one (mine's blue/grey), but if yours is the right price....blah, blah, blah"..... Well, yeah, of course I'll sell it you for half the asking price because you don't really want that colour !
    Some people have opinions - The rest of us have taste.

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