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Thread: Its here! JeanRichard 1681 incoming, unboxing & all that good stuff!

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    Its here! JeanRichard 1681 incoming, unboxing & all that good stuff!

    The JR 1681. This is their high end model I suppose you can say. Equipped with in house movement and mirror finished polishing with plenty of details to keep a WIS starring at for quite some time...Here's my first few hours of impression.

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    Nice box & packaging, Ashford thrown in a polishing cloth, I could always use one of them!

    I really liked the vintage like camera leather carrying case, equipped with straps and a leather holder for the warranty card....

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    First look:

    Holy Moly! Its nicer then I hoped!

    Ever since my Sinn 356, I been a sucker for bronze and copper color dials...if they are done right....and JR has done bronze dial right!!!

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    The JR1000 is nothing super special but there is some special things to it. First off, apart from big brother brand Girard-Perregaux, this is specifically a movement designed for the 1681 series of JeanRichard 28,800vph, equipped with a special shock resistant system, ceramic ball bearings and a power reserve of 48 hours....not too shabby.
    Its nicely decorated, not as nice as my Grand Seiko high beat but just a nice as say a Panerai P.9000 per say.

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    Case & Finishing:

    I have to say, I heard from several members like wchofield3 among some others about the finishing. I have to say its very impressive. The case shape reminds me of a Panerai Radiomir but JR adds its own unique style and complication to the cushion case making. I would also put the finishing up there with Panerai and dare I say, its very close to the finishing level of my GS and Rolex. The dial and hands upon close inspection has a very fine finishing there is not much to criticize with the 1681 Small Seconds model. I know, I can't believe I'm saying it either....

    Even the deployment buckle is polished very nicely. Very smooth to operate as well...

    The details are there. All the nice little details you would expect from a watch costing much more...hands are in very nice proportion. Hour hand hits the hour mark and minute hand extends out into the minute increments on the dial, just the way I like it! Also notice the small amount of finely brushed lines, just below the polished bezel. Another little detail thats just a small nicely done touch, for the wearer to appreciate.

    The crown is classic and vintage inspired. Feel good grip and sturdy crown stem that does not wobble.

    Really like the date window. Although it has no borders the squared off shape with a polished steel underlining on the sides makes for a border in a unique way. It also adds a 3 dimensional look to the date window almost popping like its under magnification or a bubble but its not.

    As I said, I love the bronze dial. It just makes the whole watch pop, even more so then the finely polished case....

    The raised indices and the guilloche pattern of the sub dial seconds hand is another nice touch...

    Despite the 44mm size, it is quite slender and easy to wear. Even as I write this review I forgot it was on my wrist....

    Crown is very finely detailed....


    For the price, I felt like I stole this watch. No seriously. It has the feel, finishing and detailing of the asking retail price. Its something I think I will surely hold on to. I love my Seikos, Omegas, Rolex watches but this is something a little outside the box for me and I appreciate that. For now, just a few more pics, hope you enjoyed!

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    *curses because it's bigger than I'd like* I doubt I'd be able to pull it off.

    Still, that is one mesmerizing watch. Thanks for the commentary and photos. Enjoyed it.

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    Thanks! Its bigger then anything currently in my collection but as a former Panerai Radiomir and Marina owner it brings back the same feeling as wearing those pieces which is nice. I have skinny wrist but they are flat enough to balance a wine glass on so larger watches wear nicely on me with no over hang.

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    Great pics of a beautiful watch! Thanks
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    many Citizen and Seiko from the years.

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    That is one beautiful, mesmerizing! The dial color/finish and crown are my favorite features, but the case is drop dead gorgeous too.

    Congrats on an incredible pick up!

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    Congrats!! Especially after the not so great experience with UPS - what you have been waiting for will erase the bad experience.

    Thanks for the review and pics.

    I was seriously contemplating this:

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    But got a terrascope instead, as I know I will wear it more than the 1681. As mentioned earlier, I have seen most of them in person, and they are very well made.

    Who knows, maybe after this review, I might get the 1681..... There are still stock, and I have a few more days before the sale ends.

    Enjoy your beauty!!

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    F yeah that's 1 good looking timepiece my friend.It was a hard decision for me between this 1 & the 1 I ordered.
    Congratulations JP, glad it all worked in your favor in the end.
    Damn!! did I say that's a good lookin piece.
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    Quote Originally Posted by watchdaddy1 View Post
    F yeah that's 1 good looking timepiece my friend.It was a hard decision for me between this 1 & the 1 I ordered.
    Congratulations JP, glad it all worked in your favor in the end.
    Damn!! did I say that's a good lookin piece.
    You still have a few more days to take advantage of this special pricing. By the way, WOW still have some in stock (limited) that are priced lower than Ashford.....

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    Beautiful watch. I do like how you can see the movement through the back. Enjoy your new watch.
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    It is so gorgeous that i almost cry...

    BIG Congrats JP! what an excellent score!

    if i can only have 12 watches in my life... this would be one of it!

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