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Thread: A Spineless Jellyfish in an Angry Ocean

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    A Spineless Jellyfish in an Angry Ocean

    The spineless jellyfish? That would be me.

    The angry ocean? I have Katsushika Hokusai to thank for that.

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    This spineless jellyfish is a sucker for a good deal and a gorgeous dial. When I saw the JeanRichard Hokusai as part of Ashford's ridiculously good sale, I couldn't resist. I thought it was gorgeous when it was announced and in person it's even better. I won't spoil it with words, so on to the pictures.

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    That is gorgeous Brian! The dial is fantastic. What size is that?

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    A Spineless Jellyfish in an Angry Ocean

    Love the dial. That's a great looking watch.

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    A Spineless Jellyfish in an Angry Ocean

    Here are a few more photos to show off the other details and give a little better perspective.

    The dial really is a chameleon. When I opened the box I thought the dial was almost black. It changes drastically depending on the light.

    The case finishing is excellent.

    It's big but the lugs are extreme short and downwardly sloped.

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    Fantastic piece and wonderful pics! I'm a big Hokusai fan and I have a large print of The Great Wave off Kanagawa in my office. Probably for the best that I did not see these on sale or I would have been sorely tempted.

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    Thanks, Henry!

    It's 44mm in diameter. Lug to lug I believe it only 50mm. The lugs are extremely short. Thickness isn't too bad at 13mm. It's bigger than I prefer, but I'm willing to make a few sacrifices for that dial.

    Speaking of that dial, it is unbelievable. The light catches the engraving as it is moved around. The printing on the dial is surprisingly sharp and looks like it is floating above the engraving. You can see that in the last picture in my original post.

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    That's a beauty Brian. I had started to take notice of JRs first with Sparky's acquisition, then Mikey's and now yours. I think I may have to hold out for the 39mm though.

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    That dial is fantastic, Brian. So beautifully constructed, with a story to tell. Enjoy it in the best of health!

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    A Spineless Jellyfish in an Angry Ocean

    A few other comments/observations.

    The dial markers are not applied to the dial. They are part of the rehaut, I believe, and are cantilevered over the dial.

    The markers and hands are very highly polished, as is the beveled edge around the outer case. The bevels and sides of the bracelet links are also polished, but everything else has a brushed finish, including the top surfaces of the links.

    The inner case is blue throughout all exposed portions. That means the top, between the lugs, and the back of the case all have exposed blue portions. All of those portions are also brushed to match the top of the case. The colored portions are much less noticeable than in the product pictures.

    Lume is not bad. I shot a quick under the table shot after a 5 second charge with my phone's flash.

    Overall, the value for the price is outstanding.

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    That picture on that dial in that case....proper artistic vision. Really, really impressed.

    Just the right shade of blue too.

    Ahh, WOW

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