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Thread: IWL custom strap project - interest thread

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    Question IWL custom strap project - interest thread

    I have great pleasure in announcing the launch of the IWL custom strap project, This is being offered to mark the first year of this awesome forum, If you like the idea and would like to participate then please reply here.

    styles/sizes & colours will be determined once we have enough members on board, There is a thread open if you want to throw out some designs/ideas


    1. Chicolabronse
    2. ITMW
    3. KennethRsloan
    4. Raza
    5. Meijlinder
    6. Watchdaddy1
    7. Underwatermechanic
    8. Boatme99
    9. Seriously
    10. Geoffbot
    11. Blacknomad
    12. Smeagal
    13. Tribe125
    14. Colin63
    15. Crownpuller
    16. Spronston
    17. Pepperami
    18. Ryanpatrick
    19. DJW GB
    20. 93EXCivic
    21. Jackrandom
    22. Perseus
    23. Uber
    24. Sharkyfisher
    25. OhDark30
    26. Chase
    27. Colin
    28. Skywatch
    29. Matt
    30. Strela167
    31. The Watch Smeller
    32. Hayday
    33. Scott59
    34. Jonmac73
    35. Whatmeworry
    36. Donf
    37. bu11itt
    38. Ague TC (obviously)
    39. Richmondmike
    40. Churchy
    41. Blanchy
    42. Tempocalypse
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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    well I'm in for sure just depends what will end up as like the nato Idea more then leather will have one for sure if it is the type I use will have more
    just my usually playing duke nukem while burning the dinner

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    I'm in - probably for 1 of each size/color combo (within reason...)
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    I'm in, but only at 20mm. I don't have any 22mm lug watches that work on a NATO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meijlinder View Post
    Count me in. Size doesn't really matter.
    They all say that at first, then it's "I just don't think we're compatible" and you never hear from them again and you can't get the movies you lent them back.

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    I'm in for whatever size to support the forum
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    More I than S underwatermechanic's Avatar
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    Nov 2014
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    I am in for a couple of straps in whatever size we pick

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    Nov 2014
    Middle Tennessee
    I'm in.
    And unlike some, who shall remain nameless, I'm secure in my watchhood, and any size will be fine.

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    Leather I'm def. in
    Nylon I'm not really

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