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Thread: FS: Grand Seiko SBGX103

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    FS: Grand Seiko SBGX103


    The SBGX103 was made in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the 9F quartz movement. In honor of this anniversary, the SBGX103 was made in a limited edition of 2000 watches.

    The dial on this watch is incredible and has a subtle "XX" pattern as well as the Grand Seiko lion, which is only visible at certain angles. All of the lions face west except for the lion at 4 o'clock (for the 20th anniversary), which faces east.

    The gold star on the dial signifies that the movement is an enhanced version of the 9F62. Not only is the movement thermocompensated, but it uses a specially selected quartz crystal to guarantee accuracy to 5 seconds per year.

    The watch is finished in the customary mix of brushed and polished surfaces to the exacting Grand Seiko standards.

    Joe at Arizona Fine Time wrote a great review of this watch, which you can see here: Grand Seiko Quartz SBGX103 9F 20th Anniversary Limited Edition - Review

    I bought this watch with every intention of wearing it, but I found that I preferred to look at it more than I liked it on my wrist, so I never left the house with it. There is the faintest of scratches on the polished side at 9 o'clock, but otherwise, I did not see any flaws. I tried to photograph it from every possible angle.

    A link to the most current photos (taken on July 5, 2015) can be found here. I also took a lot of macro shots a while back, and those photos can be found here. The watch has not been worn since those earlier photos were taken, so they are also representative of the current condition of the watch.

    The watch comes with all links, boxes and papers, as well as the two hang tags that came with the watch. The papers are stamped by an AD in the U.S.

    I'm asking ---Sold--- $2900 ---Sold---for this amazing watch. This includes shipping in the CONUS. Shipping elsewhere is at cost. For the folks on IWL, I will gladly accept Paypal.

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