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Thread: FS: RGM TimeZone Limited Edition

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    FS: RGM TimeZone Limited Edition

    I am in the process of selling off a large number of watches and this listing is for the incomparable RGM TimeZone Limited Edition. This is one of my favorite watches ever made and I currently own three(!) of them. One I plan to keep original and a second one, I am going to have modified with a custom dial by RGM. The watch is so good, I wanted a different variation of it. I was planning to modify this one for sale, but it recently had a complete service performed by RGM and I didn't want to modify a perfectly good watch, so when I found another one in wretched mechanical condition, that seemed a more appropriate starting point.

    One of my friends wrote a great article about the RGM TZLE. Since he describes the watch much better than I will ever be able to, I'll link his article here. Once I saw his watch in person, I was smitten and wouldn't rest until I found one of my own.

    This watch was offered in the late '90s as one of a few limited edition watches for TimeZone. Several limited editions were produced, including some incredible Miverva watches. RGM produced this watch as an edition of 49 pieces. The watch uses the Lemania 8815 movement, which is one of the thinnest movements with central seconds and dates ever produced. Additionally, the movement has twin barrels. These twin barrels are not used to increase power reserve, but are instead used to improve the timekeeping.

    The thinness of the watch is reflected in the svelte 7.5mm thickness of the watch. On the wrist, it is incredibly comfortable.

    This version of the watch has a stainless steel rotor and the alternating red/black roulette date wheel. The watch is in excellent condition and received a complete service two years ago at RGM. The RGM-signed alligator strap was worn sparingly as the watch was mainly worn on a different strap.

    Price: $2400 firm. One was recently listed for significantly more elsewhere. Paypal accepted for IWL members.

    A full gallery of photos can be found here.

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    Price drop to $2300.

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