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Thread: Only in Georgia....

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    Only in Georgia....

    Old Car City

    But I confess I would love to visit.

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    (photo courtesy of
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    Cool. A guy out thisaway has a field full of old neon on the way to looking like that.

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    As someone born in Georgia, I gotta say that the sight of abandoned cars (and bathtubs and toilets) parked in the yard was way too common. At least those have been sitting long enough that Mother Nature decided to pretty them up a bit.

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    You should visit Tennessee.
    Their license plates should say, "Land Of Crap In The Yard".

    I've been all over the US, and I swear, this state has the junkiest yards I've ever seen.

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    That a Peach tree?

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    Whatever type of tree it, it has kept those cars company for quite a while judging by the growth pattern.
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