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Thread: WRUW - Saturday - 18 July 2015

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    WRUW - Saturday - 18 July 2015

    Good morning.

    The Breitling for Saturday,

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    and the GMT for Sunday (recycled pic)

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    Hope you all have a great weekend ahead.

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    Orient Mako XL on black NATO


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    Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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    Off to prepare our 16" telescope for tomorrow evening's public opening at the observatory, so it will be a LED weekend for obvious reasons.
    Tonight: Hamilton Pulsar Time Computer P4-series "Classic":
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    Have a great weekend, everyone.


    A couple pics from tonight. Gorgeous evening on the Hill:
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    I was teaching a colleague to operate the telescope. I caught him looking at me oddly while I was taking pic of my watch. I just smiled and shrugged. I've never seen him wear a watch.I couldn't possibly imagine a plausible explanation that would have satisfied him.

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    I will be wearing this Saturday but what else but a dive watch for Friday night movie.
    MB2, SOH, Aquascope, Tangente, MM300, Blackbay, North Flag, Officer, Visitor.

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    Good week. New commuter car & new watch. Subaru Crosstrek I decided on for the horrible NYC pothole roads and the Northeast Winters....

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    Followed by a nice walk in the city doing a little shoppinh for the house....

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    Another little follow up on this great little JR1000 48 hours looks like its averaging 2.5 seconds slow a day, very happy with the results!
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    Another part of my exciting day LMAO....wife was patient enough to fit on this 20mm nato to my Casio tough solar ana-digital....very pleased with the results. look and comfort of this little Casio....this will be getting some wrist time this weekend as well!

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    My first VSA... one of my fav 'grab and go' ... have a great weekend everybody!

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    oh and also will give this BIG digits some wrist time.. =)
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    Another round of the FrankenTudor
    I'm really enjoying this one thus far
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