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Thread: Mobile or Desktop / Laptop ?

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    Mobile or Desktop / Laptop ?

    Being such a digitally compressed world , on the go society, I would like to know what percentage of members here use Tapatalk verse computer-screen for posting / viewing IWL ?..

    I'll start, I use my mobile for 98% posting here.

    What's your preference ?
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    I use Tapatalk on my phone the vast majority of the time

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    I use tapatalk on my phone, the desktop on my, er, laptop and also sometimes the desktop on my phone

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    Well over 99% ultrabook

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    The majority of my time here is spent on tapatalk. For better or worse. I switch to the desktop version when I want to see a poll.

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    I mostly access IWL using Tapatalk.

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    Mountebank MarkO's Avatar
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    Tapatalk outside working hours,
    through my work laptop between 8am and 4pm.
    I find it quicker and easier to post WRUW pics from cell phone but other pics from web pages easier on laptop.
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    Another Member crownpuller's Avatar
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    Big @ss Dell Precision workstation PC at home; I have a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop at work; though, obviously I use my work laptop exclusively for work related tasks
    I keep meaning to get into Tapatalk, but never seem to sort it (or myself) out
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    Big Member Chase's Avatar
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    I use my iPad 98% of the time, however I cannot stand Tapatalk

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    More I than S underwatermechanic's Avatar
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    Mostly through phone or tablet. I can rarely be bothered to dig out my laptop, find the battery is flat, locate the charger, then turn it on to find loads of updates need to be applied

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