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Thread: Panoramic pics, wow they are hard LOL, whose got some?

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    Panoramic pics, wow they are hard LOL, whose got some?

    These are going to be my next challenge at photography and photography of my collection. Its a little easier to capture things like a landscape, large views & structures, etc but getting a close up of small items its hard! I have a few more pieces but these are the newest and of course as the newest, my favorite in the collection right now so thought these would be a good few to photo first with a few of my other favorite things, wallets & pens....but panoramic is difficult! At least for me is my first few attempts at taking some panoramic pics of my last few purchases which probably need no introduction LOL. Anyone else have some panos please post em!

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    I'll wait until I've got enough watches that I like.

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    Wondered how to take group shots. Two's bad enough what with reflections, focus, angles.
    Prob. shouldn't use macro. Looking forward to your piccies mate

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    Great shot-

    "Either He's Dead, Or My Watch Has Stopped....."
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