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Thread: Many watches as you want but only your single favorite pic!

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    Many watches as you want but only your single favorite pic!

    Your favorite pic of as many watches as you want to post but only your absolute favorite pic. Whether you just think its a great pic and really represents the way you see the way it really captures the detail of it or perhaps its a pic of a watch from a special occasion or vacation. I know is hard but only one pic is allowed, your most favorite pic you've taken of any watch you owned or own.....can be as many watches as you want but remember only your favorite pic of that single watch!

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    I cheated at my own game...LMAO 2 pics of the GS high beat, it was a mistake I disqualify myself LOL....damn and the JR I loose! LOL

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    I'll play.. even though i dont have those fantastic special =)
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    These pics, while far from perfect in some cases, are likely the best I will make of those particular watches. They all represent something interesting about the watch, and there are no repeats. I have many watches for which I have not yet made my best picture, so they aren't here.

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    I think the Nomos was the hardest as I personally feel I've got some of my fav watch pics with this as the subject. Tough choice but going with this one that evokes the romance of travel.

    Again many tough choices with the Panograph but they were mostly movement shots! This extreme closeup of the beveled and black polished (inc. sides) swan neck & regulator on the hand engraved balance cock is one of my fav closeups though

    Best I have of the Breguet right now

    Not one of mine, it belongs to my father but I love how well it shows off the guilloche in this pic. Check out the central cross hatch pattern.

    The many shades of grey (but certainly not equal to 50) in this one.

    I like this one because of the contrast it creates between the whites and blues of the watch and the red glass backdrop

    This one brings across the brilliance of the Daytona case and bracelet finishing without overwhelming and with unwanted dial reflections eliminated too (a minor miracle )

    I like the way the colours turned out in an appropriately sci fi look. Crazy gaming mouse in the backdrop adds to the techy content.

    edit: Almost forgot, this pic is kinda grungy but it makes the re-issue (from 1999) look like an original vintage broad arrow from the 50s.

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    Just took this one - quite like it - the Black Bay in it's natural environment (by the water).
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