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Thread: 6497/6498 watches

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    6497/6498 watches

    Caution: thread may cause you to say mmmmmm

    So, I thought I've got a few Unitas 6497/6498 based watches: so here's mine, let's see yours

    Name:  epos1.jpg
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Size:  48.4 KB Name:  epos2.jpg
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    Name:  kemmner1.jpg
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Size:  75.6 KB Name:  kemmner2.jpg
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    more coming:

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    Name:  nivrelb2.jpg
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    Name:  nivrelb1.jpg
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    Name:  victorinox1.jpg
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    Name:  victorinox2.jpg
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    So how about you?
    (Front and back shots OBLIGATORY )
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    Lovin' it, man!

    I cannot wait to get my Glycine Incursore manual back in my hands.

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    I can see clearly now (and so can you)...

    Name:  Tissot Front Medium 1.JPG
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Size:  122.1 KBName:  Tissot Back Medium.JPG
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    Thought you'd never ask.....

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