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Thread:'s here!

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    Yep. It's the JR I ordered last weekend, and it actually arrived at my door steps on Thursday, but I wasn't home to receive it.

    I manage to get in touch with the local UPS and arranged for a self-pick up this evening. And here it is.......

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    I like everything about it - design, colors, raised indices, date wheel thar doesn't distract......all except for one thing.....

    There have always been queries if certain watches were a tad too big on some people's wrists, and in some cases, some can get away with them.

    I have tried on the 44mm sometime back, and I did feel it was a tad too big.

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    So, I ordered the 39mm. When I first opened the box, the first thing that hit me was "this looks like a lady's watch"! And when I strap it on, it really was a tad too small (IMO of course), and that could be a function of me being used to dive watches.

    Just then, my wife walked pass and very innocently remarked "is that for me?"..... Well, no harm letting her try on.

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    The rest is history....she liked it very much, so off that goes into her watch box.

    Sigh .... All the anticipation for nothing. Well, maybe this will give me a better reason to get a replacement...... JP - I liked how you paired your JR with your gold bracelet and ring. I thought they were very nice. I permanently wear a gold bracelet on my left wrist....perhaps.....hmmmmm

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    Some how messed up the pics....the last wrist shot is on my right wrist, while the earlier wrist shot (left wrist) is on my wife's.


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    I wouldn't say it was too small on your wrist, but then again I think it also looks a good size on your wife's wrist.Perhaps it is the dark face that makes the 44 look a tad to big on the first pic.
    Perhaps a 44 in white for you to match?
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    i think it look very beautiful and 39mm look so perfect on your wrist Nutty... can you get it back?

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    Well, at least your wife has good taste.

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    It looks fine on your wrist Nutty! Get it back!

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    I think it looks excellent on both wrists. The short lugs make for a flexible size that can work well on many wrist sizes.

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    Have you got a picture of Mrs Nutty with a 44mm JR on? I just ask as I was looking at one for MrsO but the ladies models I liked were 44mm
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    I think it's a very generous thing you did to give the 39mm to your wife. That's very sweet. You've earned a replacement!

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    I think the 39mm fits you perfectly, Nutty! If your wife really likes it, however, then be gracious...and begin thinking of your replacement watch!

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