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Thread: Raymond Weil - Any love for this brand?

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    Raymond Weil - Any love for this brand?

    I'm little curious about this brand, Swiss and quite expensive, yet I rarely see any sign in WIS circles?

    A guy at work has one and was 1k and I hatred it (didn't say that to him).

    Is this a 'fashion' brand?

    Please don't take any offene RW owners, I'm just curious about a brand I hear so lite about?

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    Maybe it's the name. Raymond.

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    No, it's not a fashion brand. It's 'entry-level luxury', and some watch enthusiasts are a little sniffy about brands that appear to aspire to luxury without being luxury.

    Like all brands, they should be taken at face value - if you like the products and you like the price, buy 'em.

    I've seen a good few Raymond Weill watches that I'd be very happy to own.

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    Or the lackluster design/unidentifiable design. I just googled RW and the first watch I saw was derivative. Looked like a Breguet homage.

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    Nice watches, they are as worth the money as anything else in that price range. As Ryan said, some of the designs can be derivative, but they're hardly the only brand that does this. I like the fact that they are independent and family-owned, and were started by Raymond Weil in 1976 to help preserve Swiss mechanical watches. (BTW, Mr. Weil just died last year.)

    I own the Maestro Phase de Lune and think it's a good looking watch. It's a basic Selitta movement, with some of their own slight modifications. The quick-set pushers for the date and moon phase are located between the lugs hidden in the bezel so that you can use your fingers instead of hunting down a toothpick or scratching the watch with a paper clip. The lugs have a dual set of holes so that you can change out the curved lug OEM strap for a more common straight lug strap, so that's a nice touch as well.

    Like pretty much all watches in this price range, don't pay MSRP. You can find good discounts from ADs and even more from gray market. However, I got a really good deal from my AD, and it comes with a three year warranty.

    I've heard RW called a fashion brand, but to me, that term is for watches made by companies that make other things and, oh by the way, also make watches. RW only makes watches. Whether or not you care for them, or their style, is up to you.
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    On a trip last year, Charlie fell in love with a RW watch. He doesn't warm up to many watches, so I was excited to buy it for him. It's not a high end watch, but it is a very respectable, nicely made watch with a solid 2824-2 movement, which has been very reliable and it makes him happy when he wears it.

    We WIS don't really need to be such snobs when it comes to something like a RW. They make nice looking, reliable watches that don't cost a fortune to own.

    That's my story and I'm sticking with it. Yes I am!

    Bottom line. If you like one and the price is reasonable, wear it with pride!

    Edit: Turns out I did have a picture of the watch:

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    Love em or hate em, just personal preference.

    I find some of their models to be very well made and not too over the top. They also make excellent bracelets as well as provide excellent lume, based on my experience.
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    I haven't owned one but I like quite a few of their models and have a lot of respect for them as a family owned company that makes decent watches. I think it was just last year that founder Raymond Weil passed away.

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    I think the term "fashion brand" is subjective. Many will have their opinions of what a fashion brand is and I'm not saying my opinion is right or wrong but in my opinion it is a fashion brand and that is not to be taken in a negative way. They are more watch designers then watch makers so I see them as a fashion watch. They do have some appealing designs and I think they are a good alternative to the more popular and established Baume & Mercier...

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